The World’s First Turnkey AI Data Center

The NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ is an AI data center infrastructure that enables IT to deliver performance—without compromise—for every user and workload. As part of the NVIDIA DGX™ platform, DGX SuperPOD offers leadership-class accelerated infrastructure and scalable performance for the most challenging AI workloads—with industry-proven results.

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DGX SuperPOD, Tested and Proven

DGX SuperPOD is a predictable solution that meets the performance and reliability needs of enterprises. NVIDIA tests DGX SuperPOD extensively, pushing it to the limits with enterprise AI workloads, so you don’t have to worry about application performance.

Advanced Infrastructure Software That Always Improves

DGX SuperPOD is powered by NVIDIA Base Command™, proven software that includes AI workflow management, libraries that accelerate compute, storage, and network infrastructure, and an operating system optimized for AI workloads.

Simplified Administration with NVIDIA Base Command Manager

Seamlessly automate deployments, software provisioning, on-going monitoring, and health checks for DGX SuperPOD with NVIDIA Base Command Manager.

Dedicated Expertise and Services

DGX SuperPOD includes dedicated expertise that spans installation to infrastructure management to scaling workloads to streamlining production AI. Get dedicated access to a DGXpert—your direct line to the world’s largest team of AI-fluent practitioners.

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The Power of NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD in Action

University of Florida (UF) Brings AI Education to Every Discipline

UF established an AI center of excellence utilizing HiPerGator AI, an NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, to drive research in various areas, from improving clinical outcomes to enhancing disaster relief.

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KT Powers Smart Speakers and Call Centers With AI

KT masters language complexity, achieving 2X faster training for their smart speaker and contact center—while supporting over 22 million subscribers—using the NVIDIA NeMo™ framework on NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD.

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DeepL’s Leading AI Technology Breaks Down Language Barriers

DeepL employs the DeepL Mercury supercomputer, a DGX SuperPOD, to build its own LLMs and empower businesses and individuals with the most innovative language AI technology.

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Designed for the Scale of Enterprise AI

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD offers a turnkey AI data center solution for organizations, seamlessly delivering world-class computing, software tools, expertise, and continuous innovation. With two architecture options, DGX SuperPOD enables every enterprise to integrate AI into their business and create innovative applications rather than struggling with platform complexity.

DGX SuperPOD With NVIDIA DGX B200 Systems

DGX SuperPOD with NVIDIA DGX B200 Systems is ideal for scaled infrastructure supporting enterprise teams of any size with complex, diverse AI workloads, such as building large language models, optimizing supply chains, or extracting intelligence from mountains of data.

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DGX SuperPOD With NVIDIA DGX H100 Systems

DGX SuperPOD with NVIDIA DGX H100 Systems is best for scaled infrastructure supporting the largest, most complex or transformer-based AI workloads, such as large language models with the NVIDIA NeMo framework and deep learning recommender systems.

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Hybrid AI Infrastructure Made Seamless

Looking for a turnkey, ready-to-run AI development platform? Equinix Private AI with NVIDIA DGX leverages Equinix colocation data centers, network connectivity, and managed services to host and operate NVIDIA DGX BasePOD™ and DGX SuperPOD.

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A Full-Lifecycle Solution for Enterprises

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NVIDIA Eos, #9 in the TOP 500, is a large-scale NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD that enables AI innovation at NVIDIA, helping researchers to take on challenges that were previously impossible.

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Proven AI Leadership

From landing top spots on supercomputing lists to outperforming all other AI infrastructure options at scale in MLPerf benchmarks, the NVIDIA DGX platform is at the forefront of innovation. Learn why customers choose NVIDIA DGX for their AI projects. Find out why customers choose NVIDIA DGX technology for their AI projects.

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DGX SuperPOD with DGX GB200 systems is liquid-cooled, rack-scale AI infrastructure with intelligent predictive management capabilities for training and inferencing trillion-parameter generative AI models, powered by NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchips.

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The DGX Experience—in the Cloud

The fastest way to get started using the DGX platform is with NVIDIA DGX Cloud, a serverless AI-training-as-a-service platform purpose built for enterprises developing generative AI.

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Maximize the Value of the DGX Platform

NVIDIA Enterprise Services provides support, education, and professional services for your DGX infrastructure. With NVIDIA experts available at every step of your AI journey, Enterprise Services can help you get your projects up and running quickly and successfully.

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Receive an Exclusive Training Offer as a DGX Customer

Learn how to achieve cutting-edge breakthroughs with AI faster with this special technical training offered expressly to DGX customers from the AI experts at NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI).

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