Format takes off as a producer of mass storage devices for personal computers.

Format among the ten best Polish IT brands with the production of over 10,000 personal computers.

Format remains the largest “Microsoft OEM” software vendor on the Polish market

The format implements the ISO 9001 standard.

The format focuses on high-performance computing.

The format begins cooperation with universities and research institutes.

The format implements the ERP Microsoft Dynamics system to streamline project management.

Format implements the first cluster based on “Format Cooling” technology for the National Center for Nuclear Research. The total capacity of the clusters delivered to the Świerk IT Center was approx. 100+ TFLOPS

The format wins two computing cluster projects for CERN. Until April 2017 we execute an order for over 25PB of mass memory and over 27 thousand. computing cores.

In recognition of the quality of solutions and professional service, CERN is extending contracts and extending the scope of cooperation with new services.

The format wins next tenders for servers and storage deliveries to CERN for 2018.

The format updates the cluster in the Świerk Information Center based on the “Format Cooling” solution for the National Center for Nuclear Research.

Format continues the expansion of the Data Center at CERN

The format for the CYFRONET AGH Academic Computer Center is launched by the Athena supercomputer with a computing power of 7.7 PFlops.

Format continues to deliver equipment to the CERN Data Center

We continue our cooperation with CERN. Since 2016 FORMAT delivered to CERN:

  • pover 1 500 servers with over 11 000 processors (>160 000 cores)
  • data storage systems based on HDDs of total capacity exceeding 200 PB
  • SDDs (flash drives) of total capacity exceeding 25 PB