Version 1.0 – 2022-04-20
Version 1.1 – 2022-12-21
Version 1.2 – 2023-04-19

The climate crisis is increasingly leaving its mark on our everyday lives. At Format, we have recognized our role and responsibility towards the environment for years. We are currently in the phase of systematizing our approach to sustainable development, but we have been conducting the first activities in this area since 2011 when we delivered our first liquid-cooled supercomputer cluster, thanks to which its users achieved much better energy efficiency and much greater efficiency in the area of waste heat management.

We have identified the areas from which we should start and to which we should strive so that our actions can help not only our environment, but also the environment of our clients. We started by implementing and obtaining ISO 14001:2015 certification in our activities. In 2022, we obtained the ISO 50001:2018 certificate. By installing a renewable electricity source in 2023, we are able to monitor our energy usage more closely and start responsibly tracking total electricity consumption, total renewable electricity consumption, as well as the renewable energy factor. Paying attention to the level of utilization of our company equipment, we have also optimized this area, excluding from use devices that are ineffective due to the age of the technology or usage level. The next step we have taken is to implement a new management system for all processes, thanks to which we will be able to monitor more and more aspects of our daily work more effectively, also in terms of sustainable development.

The first meeting of the team responsible for developing and implementing the Sustainable Development Policy is planned for the third quarter of 2024. The aim is to identify further factors that we are able to monitor, as well as those that we should and those that we would like to measure, in order to be able to achieve optimal levels in the full scope related to energy, water, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, as well as local ecosystem. By responsibly educating our clients, we want to help them improve their quality of life. Moreover, we strive to optimize the entire supply chain by implementing appropriate requirements for our suppliers.