“Go off and do something wonderful.”

Those words from Intel® co-founder Robert Noyce are more than just a great quote. They’re words to live by.

Intel® is shaping the future of technology.

It creates technology that changes the world and enriches the lives of everyone on earth.

Intel®‘s goal is:

  • Creating innovations that make the world safer, building healthy and energetic communities, and increasing productivity.
  • Using global reach to improve society, business and the planet.
  • Action to raise the standards of responsibility, tolerance and sustainable development in the IT industry.

We have been a certified partner of Intel® “Platinum Intel® Technology Provider” for over ten years. We are currently continuing our partnership with Intel® at the highest level of “Titanium”. In 2016 as the first company in Poland, we were recognized as a key partner of Intel® in providing the highest quality “HPC Data Center” technology. Thanks to this, we can create even better and more advanced solutions for you.