Data Centers

Data Center is a building or part of it, which consists of a server room and rooms supporting its functionality.

ANSI / TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers is the standard that organizes many issues related to data centers. Although it is not up-to-date due to the current technological progress, and today’s systems differ significantly from the time of its publication, most HPC specialists adhere to its definitions and nomenclature.

According to this standard, as well as the practice of implementing this type of facilities, a data center is a building or a part of it, which consists of a server room and areas supporting the functionality of the entire center. Figuratively speaking – the data center consists of a server room, in which all server equipment is hosted, with appropriate conditions, and separate technical rooms such as a UPS room, energy distribution room, technical, telecommunication, operational for cooling service or distribution. This functional room division is intended to increase reliability, simplify servicing, ensure safety and many other facilities that are necessary for the whole operation to function flawlessly.

In such a system, the server room does not contain (in one room) all installations and systems that ensure appropriate conditions in it, but only benefits from the effect of their operation. In the case of large systems, placing all installations and devices in one room could turn out to be too ineffective or even too difficult to implement.

This functional division of rooms is aimed at increasing reliability, simplifying servicing, increasing security and many other amenities that are necessary for the entire facility and the IT infrastructure maintained in it to function flawlessly.