Maximize the Value of Your DGX Platform

Every NVIDIA DGX™ platform includes enterprise support for DGX infrastructure, NVIDIA AI Enterprise, and NVIDIA Base Command™ software, which includes hardened system software, optimized AI libraries, world-class cluster management, robust job scheduling, and workload orchestration. Get the most out of your NVIDIA DGX deployment and streamline AI experimentation with NVIDIA expertise and proven methodologies.

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Experience the Benefits of DGX Platform Enterprise Services

Ensure Continuity

Keep your DGX platform operating at peak performance with various levels of enterprise-grade support and a deep connection with the product and engineering.

Achieve Faster ROI

Get faster results with​ onboarding, optimization, training, and certification services for your employees.

Customize Your AI Journey

Get personalized instructions and guidance and proactive recommendations for your data science practice and data center operations.

What Customers Are Saying About NVIDIA Enterprise Support

Empowering You With Comprehensive Services

Included Enterprise-Grade Support

  • ZSupport cases accepted 24×7 via the Enterprise Support Portal
  • Remote hardware and software support, including onboard diagnostic tools*
  • Onsite engineers to replace field-replaceable units**
  • Escalation support during the customer’s local business hours (9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday)
  • Responses from NVIDIA technical experts Access to the latest NVIDIA Base Command software**
  • Access to the latest versions of NVIDIA AI Enterprise**
* Doesn’t apply to NVIDIA DGX Station™
** Doesn’t apply to NVIDIA DGX Station and NVIDIA DGX Station A100


Expert Guidance

With a wide range of data center infrastructure and AI data science workload knowledge and experience, the NVIDIA Professional Services team provides custom solutions. From installation and deployments to onboarding and optimizing your workloads, the team can help you reduce costs and improve time to production.

  • DGX Installation and Deployment
  • DGX Custom Workshops
  • DGX Orientation
  • DGX BasePOD and DGX SuperPOD Onboarding
  • DGX Cloud Kickstart
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Courses and Certifications

NVIDIA offers high-quality technical training to ensure your IT organization is fully prepared to leverage your DGX investment, covering topics such as installation, deployment, optimization, management, and troubleshooting.

  • DGX H100/A100 Administration
  • DGX BasePOD Administration
  • DGX SuperPOD Administration
  • DGX Cloud Administration
  • AI in the Data Center
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Enterprise Services Included With DGX Cloud

  • Business-Critical Enterprise Support, including 24×7 technical responses
  • Direct access to designated Technical Account Manager Onboarding service
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Enterprise Services Across the NVIDIA DGX Platform

DGX System



DGX Cloud

Access to NVIDIA DGX Support Specialists during local business hours
NVIDIA AI Enterprise Support
NVIDIA Base Command Manager Support
Support Portal 24/7
Onsite Engineer for Standard Support
Advance RMA
Installation Services
Mandatory – NVIDIA/NPN

Mandatory – NVIDIA/NPN
Technical Account Manager Optional Optional
DGX Administration Course Optional Optional
Business Critical Support Optional Optional Optional
DGX A100/H100 and Network Switch Support Services Optional Optional
Media Retention Services Optional Optional Optional
Site Reliability Engineer Optional Optional Optional
4 Hour Onsite Engineer + Expedited RMA + 24/7 Optional Optional Optional
Onsite Spare Customer-Replaceable Unit Optional Optional Optional
Coordinated Support Service Optional Optional Optional

DGX Platform Enterprise Services Documentation

DGX Platform Documentation Hub:

From deployment and management guides for your DGX SuperPOD and BasePOD to documentation for DGX systems, including user guides and release notes, visit the documentation hub

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Onsite Spares Service Program datasheets:

Media Retention Service datasheets:

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